A Message from Joe Kelley


November 16th, 2021

Dear King Soopers and City Market Associates:

Thank you for the warm welcome to the King Soopers/City Market division. I’ve enjoyed being in our stores and having the opportunity to meet so many of you. It’s been great to hear about your experiences, see your talents on display, and the passion you have for your job.

Many of you also shared with me your feelings and concerns about negotiations. I want you to know- -I heard you. As a result of your feedback, I attended the kick-off meeting for negotiations today with UFCW Local 7. I know how important negotiations are to you, and they are important to King Soopers and me, too!

I shared with the committee that I will not be attending negotiations moving forward. However, I trust in the company bargaining committee team of qualified, experienced individuals who are empowered to bargain a contract and work toward a quick resolution. I am in touch with them daily, and they will keep me aware of anything that needs my attention.

I know bargaining can be contentious and unsettling time for each of you. I am optimistic that we can reach an agreement with Local 7 that is good for you and all King Soopers/City Market associates. By working together, the company and union can work through ideas and concerns to find solutions.

Bottom line: This is all about you and providing a total compensation of good competitive wages, affordable health care, and a pension for when you retire. You have my personal commitment that we will always be open, honest, and transparent. I also want to make sure that if you have questions, we can get answers to you quickly; in addition to asking your store leader you can also email questions to laborquestions@kingsoopers.com.

All the best,

Joe Kelley
Division President
King Soopers/City Market

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