Company Obtains Temporary Restraining Order on Local 7 Unlawful and Unsafe Picketing Activities

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January 18th, 2022

After refusing requests from King Soopers/City Market to UFCW Local 7 to follow the law and practice safe picketing activities, King Soopers/City Market requested and obtained a temporary restraining order (TRO) against the union on unlawful picketing.

To be extremely clear – we support our associates’ right to picket, we also respect our associates’ right to cross the picket line and work and our customers’ right to cross the line to shop. Unfortunately, at several locations picketers are engaging in unlawful activity including threatening, blocking and intimidating both associates and customers who have chosen to cross the picket line. Additionally, there have been instances where picketers are blocking trucks from delivering to our stores. These activities are not peaceful and frankly are unsafe. The safety of our associates, customers and communities will ALWAYS come first and this temporary restraining order is a reflection of that commitment. It is truly disappointing that the union would endorse these unlawful and unsafe behaviors.

Food for thought

  • Local 7 is encouraging unlawful and unsafe picketing and is refusing to address the issues we have been raising for the last week. Why is Local 7 putting the safety of its members and the public at risk? We simply want them to follow the law when it comes to safe picketing.
  • We have shared with Local 7 many times during the course of bargaining and in separate conversations on safety that we continually and substantially invest in training and in various other safety measures for our associates, including Personal Safety Training.
  • Local 7 is putting its members’ – our associates – safety and livelihood at risk with unlawful practices by continuing its strike.
  • Instead of being at the bargaining table on your behalf to reach an agreement, your Local 7 president was picketing yesterday (Monday) at two stores who were conducting unlawful and unsafe picketing practices. At these locations, she was filming for social media and the press to continue her self-serving aspirations and fame-seeking attention. The company was at the table ready to bargain all day, but your union president didn’t show up until 3 p.m.

The company is doing everything it can to reach an agreement, listening to your union bargaining committee’s feedback, and we are making efforts to address their concerns. The company is willing to bargain through the night tonight to reach an agreement. We have said from the start – no one wins with a strike. There is a high cost to a prolonged strike for our associates, our customers, and the business.

We will work to keep stores open so customers can have access to fresh food. If you want to work during the strike, you have the right to do so. It’s your decision. You can contact your store leader if you want to work.

We will continue to provide open and transparent updates on this website or FEED and on store bulletin boards. If you have any questions, please talk to your store leader, or email your questions to

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