Company Responds to Local 7’s Questions on Our Offer

For the Record

January 1st, 2022


This letter is in response to your December 30, 2021 questions regarding the King Soopers/City Market Comprehensive proposal.  Before I get to that, I am compelled to tell you that your bargaining strategy and conduct defines bad faith and surface bargaining, disserves our associates, and violates your duty of representation. When we handed you our “comprehensive” proposal you asked only one question and took a caucus.  Shortly thereafter without discussing it or asking any questions you “rejected it.”

After caucusing that afternoon and most of the next day, bargaining ended without you making any counter proposals. At the same time, you sent notices to our associates telling them that you will be conducting a strike vote, without meeting your obligations under law to involve a federal mediator under the Federal Mediation Conciliation Service, especially when there has been no final offer for our associates’ consideration. Your notice to our associates of an “unfair labor practice strike” is nothing more than a farce and a scare tactic to undermine the bargaining process. You are the one who is blatantly violating the National Labor Relations Act, which we will address.


Leroy Westmoreland

Senior Labor Director

To download and review our entire response, including the answers to Local 7 questions on our Comprehensive Offer , click here.

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