Facts Matter: A Strike Was Unnecessary

For the Record

February 7th, 2022

As we move forward and work to restore our family-like connection that was fractured as a result of the strike, the union continues to share false claims and negativity, but even more disappointing is Local 7’s narrative to create a further divide. As we have said nobody wins in a strike and it’s unfortunate that Local 7 continues to say this was a win for you.

Our investment did not change despite the work stoppage – it remained $170 million. When all was said and done, we restructured the money we had available from our final offer after listening to feedback from the union’s bargaining committee – moves that could have been made prior to the strike if the union would have continued to meet with the company. It was shameful that Local 7 took its members down this path – all for political gain. What did the union actually win for you?

Our LBFO had all of the elements of what was in the final agreement – Local 7 did not have to take you out on strike to reach an agreement. It was unnecessary. Check it out for yourself – our LBFO for Retail and Meat along with the final agreement. This will be our final communication on recent contract negotiations as we continue to focus on serving customers and running the business.


Union's Claims of VictoryKing Soopers / City Market Last Best and Final Offer
FALSE: Secured more full-time positionsFACT: The company proposed 500 more full-time jobs — it was part of our LBFO prior to the strike. This language stayed the same as art of our agreed upon settlement
FALSE: Wage increases for all worker — and critically those who are senior to the companyFACT: The significant wage increases settled for were part of our final offer except for the ratification bonuses that were removed because the union went out on strike.

* Most associates lost a significant amount of money (ratification bonuses) as part of the final agreement due to the strike — mainly those in wage progressions

* Senior associates ultimately lost money too — a lesser deal than that was on the table before the strike.
FALSE: Made your workplace saferFACT: The union accepted the company’s proposal on safety. The biggest union demand on safety was an armed security guard in every store. We included language on having ongoing discussions on safety, including armed security guards, but did not have any contractual language around having armed security
guards in every store.

* As we have said from the beginning, there is no evidence that armed security guards make you any safer.
FALSE: Eradicated more elements of the two-tier system (holidays, sick leave)FACT: There was one minor tweak to our proposal on sick leave for those hired after March 27, 2005. However, the so-called “two-tier system” that the union continues to dwell on was further enabled by Local 7 who created another two-tier wage system for top-rate associates, creating even further divide.

* The company also agreed to pay all associates holiday pay on Christmas Day, if stores are open and associates who work that day
FALSE: Made key improvements in benefitsFACT: There were no improvements to health care or pension benefits other than a small increase in short term disability benefits — which the union increased your associate weekly contributions to pay for it.
FALSE: Achieved critical improvements in vacation and sick timeFACT: These were required by Colorado law and the company proposed better benefits than what was required.
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