King Soopers/City Market Associates in All Areas Have Ratified a New Agreement


February 1st, 2022

King Soopers/City Market associates in all areas have ratified a new collective bargaining agreement. Congratulations! This is great news!

Focusing on you at the bargaining table – together – was the key to reaching this agreement.

As you know, we are investing significantly in your pay with this agreement. The company will invest $170 million in wage increases for our associates through the life of the three-year agreement with additional investments in health care.

We are excited to have you back at work and to be making these significant investments in your pay! You deserve these raises, and division leaders can’t wait for them to be reflected in your paychecks. Your pay increase will be reflected in your future paycheck soon and will be effective on expiration date of each contract.

You store leader can share details on what these raises mean for you as well as details of your new contract in the coming days.  Again, thank you for your ongoing commitment and service to our customers.

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