King Soopers/City Market Has Tried Everything to Reach an Agreement with UFCW Local 7

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January 12th, 2022

The company has tried everything to reach an agreement and avoid a strike. Local 7 left the bargaining table early in the morning last Thursday and never returned. King Soopers’ bargaining committee remained available to meet locally at all hours since that time and repeatedly requested that Local 7 return to the table before the strike deadline that the Local had set.

Because Local 7 did not respond to our repeated requests to continue to bargain, in a last attempt to reach a peaceful agreement, yesterday we emailed Local 7 our Last, Best and Final Offer for Clerks and Meat.

Your union president, Kim Cordova, did not respond to our multiple requests, and we were within our rights under the law to send our Last, Best and Final offer via email. As of 10 p.m. last evening, we had yet to hear back from Local 7. Presumably that means that Local 7 continues to have no interest in meeting prior to asking you to give up your paycheck and strike.

It’s disappointing that your union has taken this path and has decided to strike today, January 12. We believe your union president has been determined from the onset of negotiations to take you out on strike to serve her own self-interests. You deserve to have a voice and vote on our offer before any type of strike action.

The company has explained all of its proposals in multiple communications and has posted all of these for your review on this website and through your store leader. Nevertheless, we are going to address a few of the false statements that Local 7 has recently shared.

  • First and foremost, no associate would have their current wage lowered as result of our most favored employer proposal. Safeway/Albertsons and King Soopers have always provided the same wage increases during contract negotiations for nearly 20 years. This proposal provides incentive for Local 7 and our competitor to maintain that practice.
    • Given Local 7’s more favorable treatment to Safeway/Albertsons (our largest and unionized competitor and Kim Cordova’s former employer) who is also currently in negotiations with Local 7, we believe this language is critical and necessary in order for King Soopers/City Market to maintain a level playing field.
    • In other words, we believe that without the protection of that language, your union president could provide a sweetheart deal to Safeway/Albertsons and in essence sabotage our ability to compete and provide good stable jobs. She’s already showed favoritism to Safeway by extending their contract at the same time she’s threatening to take you out on strike. How does that help you?
    • Why is one company being treated differently from another when we currently have essentially the same contract? Who is playing favorites now? Isn’t this what your union is supposed to fighting against playing favorites?
  • We enhanced your sick pay. We have provided a sick pay proposal comparison chart.  You can still maintain your accrued sick pay, you get to accrue sick pay faster and you get to use your accrued sick pay that is available for use, from day one.
  • We have proposed additional funding to your health and welfare plan to ensure that it remains well funded during the life of this agreement with no modifications to your benefits. We worked with the employer’s plan consultant to ensure that their funding projections were met and that there were sufficient reserves to protect your benefits.
    • Our consultant has been with the King Soopers/City Market bargaining committee in Denver this week and has reached out multiple times to the union’s consultant to obtain their funding projections. The union’s consultants have refused to provide this information and the last we heard from them they were still awaiting “permission” from the Local to share it. The company has made the best decision it can based on the information available to it.

We know this has been a difficult time for all. Please be kind to each other. No matter what decision each associate makes on working or striking, we trust that everyone is deciding what is best for them and their families.

We will have updates posted to this websites as we have information to share. Please feel free to ask your store leaders any questions you may have.

You can also email your questions to Thank you for all that you are doing to take care of your customers and each other.