Local 7 Continues to Stall


January 14th, 2022

Update #2 – 8:45 p.m.
As we shared earlier this evening, UFCW Local 7 did not come prepared to bargain and reach an agreement to get you back to work.

Union stall tactics continued with language supposals on items that the company had rejected early on in negotiations. A supposal is not a real proposal – it’s just a “what if.”

At this point in the negotiations process and with Local 7 taking associates out on a strike, we shouldn’t be at the “what if” stage. Good faith bargaining at this point should involve comprehensive offers that include economic and non-economic proposals. Local 7 is not taking bargaining seriously.

Evidence of Stalling

For example, your union came back with a supposal on safety. Current contract allows the union to call a Master Safety Committee meeting in response to any safety issues and concerns. This contract language was ratified in 2019. Your union has called for only one meeting with the Master Safety Committee since then. If Local 7 was so concerned for your safety, why would they only call one meeting in three years? This is clearly a stall tactic. 

When Is Local 7 Going to Get Down to Bargaining for You?

We have clearly stated across the bargaining table that we need to make significant progress. Local 7 will not give you the opportunity to vote our Last Best and Final Offer and refuses to submit a comprehensive offer. What is Local 7 doing to justify the pay and benefits that you are risking while out on strike?

You deserve better! If Local 7 is determined to keep you out on strike for three weeks – missing three paychecks, jeopardizing your eligibility for health care benefits, and hurting the company financially, our Last, Best and Final Offer may be withdrawn, and any new offer may look significantly different.

We will be meeting with Local 7 again January 15 to resume bargaining. Hopefully, Local 7 will come prepared to reach an agreement and get you back to work.

Your Voice Matters
The union works for you as your bargaining representative. Your voice matters! We encourage you to contact the union to ask that they stop stalling and work to reach an agreement.

Contact Information for UFCW Local 7 President
Kim Cordova – kcordova@ufcw7.com

We will continue to provide open and transparent updates on this website or FEED and on store bulletin boards. If you have any questions, please talk to your store leader, or email your questions to laborquestions@kingsoopers.com.

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