Local 7 Wants to Provide Safeway/Albertsons a Competitive Advantage. Why Should You Care?

For the Record

January 13th, 2022

Local 7 is not giving you the facts when it comes to our proposal on most favored employer. Here are the facts:

  • No King Soopers/City Market associate would have their current wage lowered as result of our most favored employer proposal.

  • A favored employer clause is not uncommon. The company has many contracts with multiple unions, including the UFCW, that include similar language.
  • Safeway/Albertsons and King Soopers/City Market have bargained essentially the same contracts together for nearly 20 years – this includes wages, health care and pension as well as language items.
  • This means that the companies are not competing against each other for the best contract off the backs of labor – such as yourself and other associates. Why has this suddenly changed?
  • Why has Local 7 offered an extension to Safeway/Albertsons – our largest unionized competitor – without either the union or Safeway/Albertsons exchanging a single proposal on wages, health care or pension? On the other hand, King Soopers/City Market – in the interest of rewarding our associates and staffing our stores – provided two comprehensive economic proposals before the union belatedly provided its first and only comprehensive proposal.

  • Safeway/Albertsons reported strong third quarter gains and profits – they are not less profitable than Kroger – but they are getting favorable treatment. Their financial reports are a matter of public record.
  • As a King Soopers/City Market associate, you should ask your union – why?
  • We believe this language is critical and necessary in order for King Soopers/City Market to maintain a level playing field, and continue to provide secure, stable jobs.
  • If Safeway/Albertsons gets more favorable conditions in its new contract – ultimately, it could jeopardize King Soopers/City Market’s business, endangering your job.
  • We want to emphasize that this language only has meaning if Local 7 reaches a sweetheart deal with other organized competition. If the Local is opposed to this language, it is fair to ask, “Is Local 7 working in the best interest of King Soopers/City Market associates, Safeway/Albertsons employees or the union’s best interest?”

We will remain open so customers can have access to fresh food. If you want to work during the strike – you have the right to do so. It’s your decision. You can reach out to your store leader if you want to work.

We will continue to provide open and transparent updates on this website or FEED and on store bulletin boards. If you have any questions, please talk to your store leader, or email your questions to laborquestions@kingsoopers.com.