Ten Negotiation Facts Associates Should Consider

For the Record

January 10th, 2022

Throughout this bargaining process you have been presented with a lot of seemingly conflicting information from both King Soopers/City Market and UFCW Local 7. We know this may create some amount of stress and even confusion. While we will continue to share detailed updates as developments occur, here are ten negotiation facts you should consider:

  1. We’re Committed to Doing Everything We Can to Reach an Agreement.
    Today, we have filed unfair labor practice (ULP) charges against Local 7 for failing to meet and negotiate. They have rejected the use of a federal mediator and have not agreed to any dates to continue bargaining.
  2. You Have a Right to Know Exactly Why You’re Being Asked to Strike.
    By wrongfully characterizing the strike as a ULP strike, Local 7 is asking you to risk your pay and health care eligibility over allegations the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has yet to process.
  3. A ULP Strike is Not Based on the Economics of Our Comprehensive Best Offer to Settle.
    We have followed the law and the NLRB has not issued a complaint against the company. The threatened ULP strike is a tactic the union is using to skirt their obligation to bargain in good faith to reach an agreement.
  4. You Have a Right to Know What Participating in a Strike will Cost You and Your Family.
    Website posts show Local 7 asking the public to help fund their strike – calling into question their ability to financially support thousands of members they’re asking to strike for three full weeks.
  5. You Have Options. The Choice to Strike or Work Is Yours Alone.
    We encourage you to know your rights in a strike. You can choose to participate in a strike, or you can choose to continue working without incurring financial penalties from the union.
  6. Your Voice Matters. You Deserve to Exercise Your Right to Vote.
    We encourage you to contact your union representative and ask Local 7 to respect your right to vote “YES” or “NO” to ratify the company’s Comprehensive Best Offer to Settle.
  7. Our Offer Includes More Money than Ever Before for All Associates.
    We’re investing in you with significant increases in year one for all meat and retail clerk associates and an additional increase each year of the contract plus a meaningful one-time ratification bonus.
  8. Our Offer Includes No Changes to Health Care Premiums/Benefits through the Life of the Contract.
    Based on consultant current projections, if ratified, by the end of the agreement your weekly health care premiums would not have increased in more than a decade!
  9. Our Offer Includes No Changes to Pension Benefits through the Life of the Contract.
    The company would maintain our current contributions to the Rocky Mountain Pension Fund providing associates with a stable and more secure retirement benefit.
  10. We’re Committed to Honest Communications.
    Throughout this bargaining process the company has posted all our negotiations updates on this website giving you a central location to help you stay informed.

As always, we will share updates through your store leader, on FEED and posted to store bulletin boards. You can also find updates by visiting this website. If you have any questions, please talk to your store leader or email your questions to laborquestions@kingsoopers.com.